Welcome to the African Angel Academy

Thanks to the International Tech Hub Network, you are now a part of a network of 80 new angel investors from South Africa, Kenya, the UK and Nigeria. We hope you have a valuable experience. Are you ready to start your investing journey?

Course Overview

  • 1

    Introduction to Angel Investing

    • Welcome To The Course

    • 0.1. Introduce Yourself

    • 0.2. AAA Course Terms & Conditions

    • 0.3. What is Angel Investing?

    • 0.4. Meet the Angel Investors

    • 0.5. The African Early-stage Investment Landscape

    • 0.6. Angel interviews: The Benefits of Angel Investing

    • 0.7. Angel interviews: The Risks and Challenges of Angel Investing

    • Additional Resources

    • The South African Angel Investing Ecosystem

    • The African Diaspora Angel Investing Ecosystem

    • The Nigerian Angel Investing Ecosystem

    • The Kenyan Angel Investing Ecosystem

  • 2

    Module 1: Angel Investing Strategy

    • Introducing Module 1

    • 1.1. Strategy: Why, what and forms

    • 1.2. Strategy: Types and models

    • 1.3. Angel Interviews: Invest alone or as a group?

    • 1.4. Angel Investing Strategy Template

    • 1.5. Discussion: Why do you want to become an angel investor?

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 3

    Module 2: Deal Sourcing

    • Introducing Module 2

    • 2.1. Sourcing Investments

    • 2.2. Angel Interviews: How Do You Source Deals?

    • 2.3. Deal Screening

    • 2.4. Deal Requirements

    • 2.5. Discussion: Deal Sourcing and Screening

    • 2.6. Additional resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 4

    Module 3: Due Diligence

    • Introducing Module 3

    • 3.1. The Due Diligence Process

    • 3.2. Angel Interviews: What do you look for when assessing a potential deal?

    • 3.3. Initial Due Diligence

    • 3.4. Discussion: Red flags?

    • 3.5. Formal Due Diligence

    • 3.6. Angel Interviews: How do you manage your Due Diligence process?

    • 3.7. Additional Resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 5

    Module 4: Deal Structuring

    • Introducing Module 4

    • 4.1. Deal Structuring and Parameters

    • 4.2. Term Sheets

    • 4.3. Angel Interviews: How do you approach Term Sheet Negotiations?

    • 4.4. Deal Mechanisms

    • 4.5. Debt and Equity Structures

    • 4.6. Concluding The Deal

    • 4.7. Additional Resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 6

    Module 5: Valuations

    • Introducing Module 5

    • 5.1. Introduction to Valuations

    • 5.2. Valuing Early-Stage Companies

    • 5.3. Mzuri Taxi Case Study & Valuation Model

    • 5.4. Introduction to the Case Study

    • 5.5. Multiples Approach

    • 5.6. Discounted Cash Flows Approach

    • 5.7. Venture Capital Method Approach

    • 5.8. Other Valuation Methods

    • 5.9. Angel Interviews: How do you Calculate Valuations?

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 7

    Module 6: Negotiations

    • Introducing Module 6

    • 6.1. Negotiation Principles

    • 6.2. Preparing for a Negotiation

    • 6.3. Negotiation Process

    • 6.4. Additional Resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 8

    Module 7: Mentorship and People

    • Introducing Module 7

    • 7.1. Intro to Mentorship

    • 7.2. Mentorship Principles

    • 7.3. Discussion: Your Role as a Mentor

    • 7.4. The People

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 9

    Module 8: Investment Management and Governance

    • Introducing Module 8

    • 8.1. Boards

    • 8.2. Adding Value and Hard Decisions

    • 8.3. Reporting and Portfolio Management

    • 8.4. Angel Interviews: How Do You Manage Your Investments and Add Value to Your Portfolio?

    • 8.5. Additional Resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 10

    Module 9: Exits

    • Welcome to Module 9

    • 9.1. Understanding Exits

    • 9.2. Executing Exits

    • 9.3. Exit Options

    • 9.4. Additional resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 11

    Module 10: Angel Group Management and Structure

    • Introducing Module 10

    • 10.1. Establishing Your Angel Group

    • 10.2. Angel Interviews: What Partnerships Do You Have With Other Organisations in the Angel Space?

    • 10.3. Managing Your Angel Group

    • 10.4. Angel Interviews: How Do You Form and Manage Your Angel Group? How Do You Keep the Group Engaged and Motivated?

    • 10.5. Co-Investing

    • 10.6. Discussion: Angel Groups

    • 10.7. Additional resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 12

    Module 11: Impact Investing

    • Introduction to Impact Investing

    • 11.1 What Does Impact Mean For You

    • 11.2 Discussion: Your Impact

    • 11.3 Angel Interviews: Choosing Impact

    • 11.4 Interviews: Making investments

    • 11.5 Adapting Your Investment Processes

    • 11.6 Angel Interviews: Managing investments

    • 11.7 Measuring Returns

    • 11.8 Angel Interviews: Impact returns

    • 11.9. Additional Resources

    • Submit Your Questions

  • 13

    Course Assessment

    • Final Programme Survey


Alex Fraser

Alex is Founder and Director of Viridian; a founding member of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN); and a co-founder of Dazzle Angels, a South African female-focused angel fund. She is passionate about building a vibrant, sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture on the continent. Alex has over a decade of experience in the early-stage funding space, having working for government, academia and corporate; and has evaluated over 4000+ businesses in a wide variety of sectors.

Stephen Gugu

Stephen is a co-founder and Director at ViKtoria Ventures, the entity that runs Viktoria Business Angels Network (VBAN). VBAN is a sector agnostic angel network out of Kenya focused on commercially viable early stage investments from East Africa which are post traction. Through Viktoria, Stephen has made several investments and assisted angel investors in Kenya access and make investments. He has consulted widely for early-stage innovative businesses training over 400 entrepreneurs, carried out valuations and assisted them in fundraising and deal structuring. He sits on the advisory board of several start-ups and of the African Business Angels Network. Stephen is also a Venture partner with Consonance Investment Managers, a focused early-stage and growth investing platform that helps entrepreneurs build leading companies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

David Van Dijk

David van Dijk is co-founder and managing director of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), a pan African non-profit association founded to support the development of early-stage investor networks across the continent and to get many more investors excited about the opportunities in Africa. Until recently he was also the managing director of Stichting IGNITE, a Dutch not-for-profit organisation supporting entrepreneurship in post-conflict countries through direct and indirect financing and part of the investment committee of the IGNITE Fund. Since 2011 David has been involved with Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A), a community that includes the world’s largest database of African startups.

Programme Sponsor

This programme is funded and supported by the International Tech Hub Network, a UK Government initiative delivered by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as part of the Digital Access Programme that aims to catalyse more inclusive, affordable, safe and secure digital access for excluded and underserved communities in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia.

African Angel Academy Consortium Partners


  • How much time will I need for the course?

    There are 11 modules plus an introductory module. We estimate that each module will take you approximately 1 hour, depending on how you engage with the additional resources and discussions. This means a total of 12 hours.

  • What is the course schedule?

    We will be releasing the modules in 3 Chapters which each contain 4 modules, every 2 weeks. You will therefore be able to complete the course in 8 weeks, but the content will be available if you need longer to complete. This is a self-paced course, meaning that you can log in and complete the coursework whenever suits you.

  • Can I get help or ask the instructors questions?

    Yes! Instructors will be watching the course discussion forums and will be answering questions there, but you can also reach out on email to info@africanangelacademy.com

  • What does the course content look like?

    Modules consist of video lectures by the course instructors; as well as videos featuring interviews with African angels. Additional resources (articles, reports) and tools/ templates are included in the resources section of each module. Lastly, there will be discussions for participants to contribute to in some modules.

  • When do I need to finish the course by?

    You will have access to the course by the end of March. We can however offer extensions to those that need more time.

  • Are there any live sessions?

    Yes, we will communicate optional webinars or online discussions when we release a new chapter. These will take place on Zoom and will be related to the current modules.

  • Who do I contact if I need assistance with the course?

    You can email the community manager, Ayanda Siboto on ayanda@africanangelacademy.com with any questions, and she will assist accordingly.